Broken – Fused Glass

Guess what happens when you get cocky with creating fused glass?

That’s right it breaks.

I’ve made over 100 of my big production plates. But in my last few slump firings 2 of my plates broke.

The first one actually took a small bowl with it. If you know about fusing you can tell that it broke on the way up. How do I know 2 reasons, first the edges are smooth, if it broke on the way down it would be sharp and second it fused to the little dish.






The last one that broke it wasn’t too bad and there were no other casualties. It’s confusing though, after the first one broke I adjusted the load and the firing between the breaks was fine.  I’ve adjusted again and lets hope this doesn’t happen again.






When I get a few empty kilns I’ll make something out of my broken pieces of art glass. Because as one of the great fused glass artist always said “never refuse to re-fuse”. Plus with the copper no matter what I make it’s going to be awesome.

This next piece was one of the little dishes. Want to know how this one got broke? Yep I dropped it. Because it’s the same COE I can actually mix all the broken pieces together.






I have some ideas of what I will be making, but if you have some requests let me know.

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Keeping my Kiln warm,



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