Breckenridge, Colorado

I enjoy traveling so much and I like to share my adventures.
We try to take at least one big trip a year and since we love the mountains we go to Breckenridge Colorado the majority of the time. Mainly because we own a timeshare up there. The first picture is the grand lodge, the second is the view, the third is one of the hot tubs, and the bottom three are some of the flowers around the hot tubs. I just love flowers.

This trip we saw some amazing sites while we were in Breckenridge. The second day we were there it snowed, yes in June! So we drove around Dillon reservoir, the first three pictures are of Dam road it was funny seeing the snow and the beautiful green trees. The next three pictures are still of Dillon Reservoir by the eagle statue. It’s such a big beautiful lake. The next two pictures are of the sapphire point of Dillon reservoir. It’s such a pretty view.

We also drove up to Blue Lakes. Wow what a beautiful place. The first time we drove up there we saw a deer, a fox, and a momma moose and her baby. This first group of pictures are from the top lake and this is where we saw wild mountain goats. I’ve never seen mountain goats in the wild before, they were so cool.

This next group of pictures are from the bottom lake. It’s so beautiful. I liked the mountain goats but the bottom lake was so beautiful.

The second time we went to blue lake we only made it to the bottom lake. I didn’t mention this but the road to the top was so narrow with no rail. In fact on our way down I was so nervous about going off the cliff I closed my eyes. The second time we went to blue lake there was a fire truck and police cars, evidently someone went off the cliff. Luckily the person survived. There was a lot of snow still and a lot of downed trees. There was also an old mine. What a beautiful place.

We also saw the Isak Heartstone statue, railroad park, and river. There are a lot of things to do in Breckenridge. Such a great little town.

I hope y’all don’t mind me writing about my trips. It’s just so much fun to share especially with being locked down for so long. BTW if you are curious, we wore masks in stores and resturants and inside the lodge.

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