Bottle Vases

I’ve been making a lot of fused glass stirrers and flower stakes lately. I normally keep them in a bottle vase, but I’ve made so many I’ve ran out of bottle vases, so I’ve decided to make some bottle glass vases more.

These first two bottles have texture so I decided to try to smooth our the edge by fusing them in the kiln and not put decals on them. I took them up to 1240. You can see they bent a little bit but, I think they turned out great.

I cut some more bottles for vases and put decals on them. This first vase is small so I put one of Tanya’s decals. The photo on the left is before firing and the photo in the middle is after firing to 1100 degrees (I followed Tanya’s instructions). The third picture is how it looks full of drink stirrers.

I fired the next three between 1240 – 1250, based on the decal schedule (10 mins vs 15). The Angel with the flag fired perfectly. The green vase’s looks great, especially with the white decal. The biggest vase decal is a little lighter and so probably lower it a bit more i.e., 1240 / 10 mins.

Here they all are with and without flower stakes and drink stirrers. Aren’t they perfect. Of course I need more, LOL.

This next one isn’t fused or anything, it has an enamel design on the front and back. I just cut off the top, because I didn’t want to risk ruining it. I think it’s pretty awesome!!

If you’d like to buy one of the vases or fused glass drink stirrers please contact me

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