Bottle Candles

In March or April I made a lot of glass bottles vases, I made so many that I decided to make some into candles.  Today my daughter Sky and I made some candles. Here are some of the glass bottle candles I made.  I made the candles a little dark so the decals don’t show up as well.  Which is OK these were a test for me. I really like how bright the colors are it’s just for the decals I should have used the plain soy. I made 7 total and they look great. I did use one with just plain soy wax. I think the owls showed up relatively well. I also made one with a wooden wick and no decal.

BTW I didn’t use all my bottles for candles. Some are just pretty vases or with floating candles see the examples below.

Here are the glass candles Sky made. She picked some pretty bottles.
She also used metal containers.  Of course to me to glass looks much better in my opinion.
I really like her little tins. All total she made 13 candles. 

Here are some photos of our supplies we used.  I got 2 actual candle kits, an extra bag of soy wax and mica.

We had the best time, I love spending time with her.  Here are some shots of us making the candles. *Please don’t judge my shirt, I love tie-dye!

Next we are making bath bombs. I think I’m going to make some dishes to hold them. Oh maybe the bottles… my mind’s already working. I love my baby girl.

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