Blown Glass with a Fellow Artist

I’ve mention Susan before, she is a basket weaver artist. She’s so talented and her artwork is beautiful. I met her through Merle. She’s come by before and I gave her some fused glass cabochons for her baskets, and she’s even made me a basket.

Well, she bought some “blown glass” pieces, but they were very sharp and she wanted me to grind them, and fire polish them. Instead of me doing it I told her to come on over and we’d barter for the use of my equipment and kiln firing. Here she is doing some coldworking.

Here they are after coldworking. I helped her wash them and get them ready for the kiln. Some of the below are mine and some are hers.

Here are the ones we coldworked and fire polished for Susan. They looked fabulous!! I can’t wait to see what she does with them.

In exchange she gave me quite a few. I really liked them. I love working with fellow artists. The bottom picture is what she gave to me as a comparison to what she kept (big pile is mine). The ones on the blue towel are my pieces prior to coldworking and fusing.

Here are my pieces. I drilled holes (because they are beautiful front and back). They are all so beautiful.

Some are a bit plain, and I think I’ll put a decal or screen print on them. I have so many decals that would look fantastic on them.

Some I fired and didn’t turn out as well as I’d like and need to do a bit more work on. So I’ll do some more work on them and then do another post.

I love working with fellow artists and have no problem with bartering with them. I hope you check out Susan’s work. This was so much fun and I loved the pieces I got to work with.

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