Benefits to taking Fused Glass Classes

For those who follow my newsletters know I’m teaching fused glass classes in my home. I have taught several classes now and I really enjoy teaching. To show my appreciation for people who support me and attend my classes, I want to create a rewards program (i.e., a bonus class) so to speak. I talked to my students and they like the idea. Below are some pictures of classes.

So how this will work is when a student (not transferable) takes 3 paid classes they get a bonus/free class (coordinated with the students – minimum of 3 students). The bonus/free class if you’ve take 3 fused glass classes with me, is learning how to add a decal on a pre-made fused glass cabochons. I have over 50 fused glass cabochons that are perfect for decals and I have hundreds of decals to choose from. The class and the fused glass pendant, key chain, etc., is free as well. The students will get to make 2 pieces for free. Right now, I have 3 students eligible for this free class (Merle, Julie, & Jeremy), but I also have 2 more that’s only 1 class away from the free class.

Then when students take 7 paid classes, they get another bonus/free class (coordinated with the students – minimum of 3). This bonus/free class is students get to make a pendant or earrings or ring, etc. out of pre-made fused glass cabochons. I make glass cabochon every day, but sometimes I don’t finish them – just not enough time in my day. Students will get to make 2 pieces for free (e.g., earrings, pendant, magnet, ring, etc.). The difficult part will be choosing what you want to make. Here are some of my cabochons you can use to make your 2 free pieces.

If these bonus/free classes go well I’ll create bonus/free classes for 10, 13, and 15 as well. Some of the fused glass classes I plan on making include: 2 dichroic pendants or pendant & earrings or ring, garden stakes, small casting, coral bowl/structure, and tree, etc. I’ll do a post next month with my ideas. I am going on a business trip in Jan 7-15th, but we can schedule a class around those dates. Again if you have a minimum 3 people for a class I can schedule a private class.

These are just some examples of classes I plan on offering; however, I’d love to know what fused glass classes you’d like to take. Please email me with your recommendations.

If you would like to see more of my fused glass work, please refer to my website Elegant Fused Glass by Karen. If you get a chance, check out all my site and my Elegant Fused Glass by Karen YouTube. If you would like to stay abreast of what I’m up-to check out our newsletter. If you’d like to take a class please check out the information on my site about my classes. It is published the last day of each month.

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