Beckwith Show in Westcliffe

I had a wonderful show at Beckwith Ranch in Westcliffe. Here are a few pictures around the ranch. It’s just so beautiful.

It was my first Art show of the year, and it was great sharing my love of glass. Here are a few pictures of my booth. I met some wonderful people and had a pretty fabulous day.

It was so much more than a show, as you can see by the flyer – they had all kinds of activities. It was fun watching the kids and the chuckwagon had great food.

I always try to buy something from each art / craft show I go to; this was no exception. I collect knives and I bought a handcrafted knife made from a railroad spike. He had only made two and one of them is mine! I also took some pictures of the blacksmith in action. How cool is that!

While we were in Westcliffe, we were able to attend the first Farmers Market of the season, we had delicious donuts, had some goat cheese & milk, got to watch a weaver, and met the owner of a lavender farm – I can’t wait to go there in July.

While we were in Westcliffe, we saw some beautiful views of the mountains. Here are just a few pictures, of course the pictures don’t do justice.

Dan and I didn’t like the septic tank white PVC so he built these amazing stands and put bird houses on them. we also rehung some of the bird feeders and lastly we hung some houses in the trees.

It was an amazing event and a wonderful weekend; I so love Westcliffe.

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Keeping my kilns warm,


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