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*I screwed up – sometimes when I have a similar post I duplicate it and use it as a base. I wrote a post about the beauty of Westcliffe but instead of duplicating it I “updated it”. Which means this post overwrote by beauty of Westcliffe from April. So, it looks like I have the same post in May & April. My apologies but I want to show this and the other post is lost – So sad.

I realize that my DYK is about Westcliffe, but I can’t help myself. The day after visiting Beckwith Ranch (May’s Dyk) I went to the Westcliffe train depot museum. We’ve been going to Westcliffe for 3 years not and it’s been closed so I’ve been wanting to see it. I walked in and it’s beautifully decorated. Here are just a few of the pictures of the depot and the caboose. The two ladies in the picture were my tour guides and they were a font of information. I learned so much, did you know the conductor of the train stayed in the caboose so they can see the front and back of the train? I sure didn’t know that. This caboose is very special, one of the conductors found out that it was going to be scrapped and bought it and another car and lived in it for a few years. How cool is that! Anyway, if you go to Westcliffe please stop by the depot and talk to the volunteers and learn about steam engines. Remember, it runs on donations and volunteers.

It was a beautiful day, so we went to Lake Deweese. We walked the river, which is beautiful, we couldn’t make it to the dam but it’s so beautiful. Then we went to the lake and walked to the dam. It’s fabulous, the flowers, rocks, views, and so much more. It’s funny, we have hummingbirds at our house, so we know what they sound like so we’re walking, and we hear a hummingbird, so we look for it and find it setting on a tree. When you think of hummingbirds you think of them at the feeders, but they are everywhere because sugar water is just a supplement, they insects.

We put up a hummingbird feeder, we spent hours watching them. We have at least 3 and watched them chase each other and do acrobatics. So much fun and such fascinating birds. We also flew our drone a bit, it was funny we had a scary moment when the hummingbird came close to the drone, luckily, he wasn’t hurt. The flowers are starting to come out. I can’t wait until flower season in Westcliffe.

We saw some more elk on this trip. We also went off a side road and saw some lovely views of the mountains.

As I mentioned, I overwrote a post I wrote in April – here are some of the pictures from the original April post. My apologies again that I overwrote the April post.

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