Are we in the Glass Age?

This blog is a little different, albeit I felt compelled to share these two videos that I watched recently. I think I’ve made it clear throughout my newsletters and my blogs that I love glass.  I’ve even mentioned numerous times in my blogs that I have glass from all over the world (including: Germany, Rome, Venice, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Okinawa, etc.). I’ve seen Glass Blown in Germany and Flamework created in person and even took a stained glass class in Japan. I love glass – all types of glass.

Needless to say the versatility of fused glass that I just love so much that when I have free time I’m always in my studio creating. Glass is incredible it’s so functional and so beautiful and I couldn’t imagine life without glass both functionally and as Art. So when I came across these two videos I had to share them. They are by Corning and they show some of the background of glass and how we are truly in the Glass Age. I must admit I didn’t know half of what Corning has invented.


Glass Age, Part 1
Glass Age, Part 1







Glass age part 2
Glass age part 2





In fact I’m so inspired, I’ll be taking a class in New York next year and after watching the video I’ve decided I’m going to take an extra day and go visit Corning.
I hope you enjoy these two videos as much as I did and realize how Glass enhances our lives!

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