April’s Fused Glass – “Glass fusing design techniques with powders on fiber paper” E- book Review


April’s Fused Glass – “Glass fusing design techniques with powders on fiber paper” E- book Review
April’s fused glass book review is about the E-book “Glass fusing design techniques with powders on fiber paper” by Lena Beckeus. I’ve taken powder’s on fiber paper classes before and I bought this e-book as a backup and because Lena’s fused glass pieces are truly unique.

Overall I like this fused glass e-book, it has a couple of different techniques all interesting and unique but at the same time related to the overall concept. I would have liked it even more with a few additional step by step pictures and instructions. However, most of the information is there you just have to read a little more (I read it cover to cover – twice). I think for new people who have never done this fused glass technique before a little more instructions would be helpful i.e., how to bend the fiber paper.
I don’t normally make excuses for authors, but in this case I will. Lena is an expert at fused glass powders on fiber paper technique and sometimes when one is very good at a technique they forget not everyone knows every little step like they do. In addition, to being an expert Lena isn’t from the states so sometimes I think simple things get lost in translation.  Additionally, Lena started a facebook group for those who bought the e-book and has given additional help where needed i.e. the folding.

Over all it’s a good e-book and I recommend the book and joying Lena’s facebook group.

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