Another trip to Westcliffe

I’m sure y’all are tired of seeing my pictures of Westcliffe but I can’t help it. I love Westcliffe and can’t wait to show them off! We went back to Westcliffe recently. The flowers aren’t out yet but it’s still beautiful. These first few pictures are from our land. I’ve never seen a rainbow only in the clouds. It was so cool.

We walked over to the Westcliffe Train Depot. it was so interesting. I’ll have to go back when it’s open. I’ve alway loved trains. It’s interesting, Westcliffe has an old school and old jail and the train. Such a wonderful place.

We stayed in town this time, so we walked around a bit more than normal. Such a fabulous little town. I can’t wait until the theater opens up.

Last time we went to Westcliffe, we found this old building but I didn’t see much of it. This time I walked around it. I love old buildings, even though it’s just ruins I find it fascinating.

Then we drove around in the mountains, it’s so lovely. I never get tired of driving around Westcliff whether it’s over by Rosita or by the mountains or down town or by the reservoir.

We walked around the rock formations again and of course sat on our land and enjoyed the weather. I found this beautiful ball cactus in bloom. Isn’t it pretty.

I’m sure you are tired of seeing Westcliffe but I never get tired of it. It’s so peaceful and special. One of these days it will be our forever home.

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