An important symbol “;”

One of the aspects of fused glass that I love is it’s versatility. I make fused glass with various symbols including ribbons and puzzles in addition to the zodiac and Chinese symbols.

But one that you may not know about is the semicolon – ; normally they are tattoos but I like making it as fused glass jewelry or I can make them as pocket symbols. Recently I made one for my niece. Anything that will help you remember you are loved.

Semicolon represents those struggling with mental health specifically for those who battle suicidal thoughts, depression, and other serious mental health problems. As we know the semicolon is a piece of punctuation that pauses a sentence but doesn’t end it and keeps it going. That’s why it fits as a reminder for a person to keep working, battling, and living to fight another day.

To all those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, remember there are people who love you so please don’t give up – keep trying.

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