Airplanes, Balloons, and a Castle

I love to travel, we’ve gone various places in Colorado including Westcliffe, Steam Boat, Estes Park, Breckenridge, to name a few. Well this post is going to focus on Colorado Springs. So this is a pretty long post but I thought it would be best to put it in one post vs three.

If you are a regular newsletter subscriber you know I am retired Air Force, so I love planes and there was a Air Power History Show over Labor Day weekend. There was a B29 – Superfortress (FIFI) it was flown during WWII and the Korean War. We got to go inside, what a magnificent plane. Here are just a few pictures of FIFI.

Another plane we got to go inside was the B-24 Liberator Diamond Lil. The B24 was used extensively in WWII. It was pretty tight inside but I liked going in and seeing the guns and bombs. Here are a few pictures of Diamond Lil.

We didn’t get to go in the T6 Texan, however we did get to walk around it and watch it fly. BTW it’s first flight was in 1935 and it’s been used as a trainer aircraft by several countries. A P51 was also suppose to be there, but it was late so we missed it.

Since we were over in that part of town we decided to keep with the theme and ate at the Airport Restaurant which is a restaurant inside a KC-97 which was built in 1953. It’s a pretty cool place and we went up to the cockpit.

The restaurant set up a table for our lost 13 Servicemen and Women. I pray for their families, it’s so heartbreaking.

Additionally, over labor day weekend there was a balloon liftoff with numerous balloons. My husband and I went years ago and loved going again. There were 78 balloons, we even got to see two touch the lake!

Additionally Lela and I were driving through Garden of the Gods when we saw the sign for Glen Erie, neither of us had ever been there so we drove in. It was beautiful, the castle isn’t like Europe’s castles but it was tranquil and lovely.

I hope y’all don’t mind me sharing my adventures with you. I love doing fun things like seeing planes, balloons, and of course the Glen Erie. What a blast!

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