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While we were at bullseye we also got to tour the bullseye owner’s house. One thing I loved was the owner was one of the original partners from 1974! That is so cool to me.

They like to do tours so people can see how to live with glass. Since I love glass and have glass from all over the world living with glass is a duh … in other words of course it’s easy to live with glass. It’s a fabulous medium and it adds so much to your life and home.

It reminded me of Bob Leatherbarrow’s house in the since that the owners like to have other glass artists pieces in their house. They had several beautiful pieces. One of which so much I’m going to take his class and another I had just watch a video that he had made. Very Very cool.

No art was damaged
This is the piece I tripped for!







The one thing funny that happened on this tour, and my good friends Pam and Julie never let me live down, was I tripped and fell. So Let me set the stage. I was crossing the bedroom to take a picture of a glass piece and got caught up in the bedspread and fell flat on my bad knee. After I figured out that other than the throbbing pain in my knee, I wasn’t hurt. So, I looked around to make sure I didn’t crash in to any of the beautiful glass artwork! Oh did I mention I had wine in my hand, which of course went flying! I felt bad about spilling the wine, but all I really could think of was:  Thank God I didn’t hit any of the lovely artwork. Luckily for me the owners weren’t there and Amy was sweet enough to clean up the wine – So no one tell them and hopefully they won’t notice.








The other tour we took was of the Bullseye Projects – when I went in October it was call the Bullseye Gallery, but I like it now even better. Bullseye project has Exhibitions promoting exemplary art, design and architecture in glass. The current exhibition, Origins, is displaying the works of Anna Mlasowsky, Abi Spring and Matt Szösz, all fascinating glass artwork. These exhibits change out every few months (1 July – 3 Oct).

Bullseye Projects
I loved the glass bench








We also got to see exhibit under construction by Rudi Gritsch “Following Water” Oct 7 – Dec 23, 2015.

bullseye project
Me with one of Rudi Gritsch’s glass pieces. No I’m not actually touching it. My luck I would have knocked it over!













I also liked their glass lab a Hands-on making and learning experiences. Bullseye considers the glass lab an experiment to explore learning with kiln-glass for children and families. They have a whole section set aside to teach kids about glass (in a safe way). I love glass and I love that bullseye sees the importance of introducing glass to children.







If you love glass, I definitely recommend checking out what’s on display at Bullseye Projects in Portland and if you have kids check out the Glass Lab at Bullseye Projects.

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Keeping my Kiln warm,



*one of my favorite pieces

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