About Karen

Karen Ferrantelli – Glass Artist

I create each Fused Glass piece by hand, in my home studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I have always loved glass. I have glass from all over the world including Italy, Israel, Ireland, Germany, Japan, etc.  I love the way it can be manipulated and if I don’t like something I create I can smash it and create something new.  Glass is the most versatile medium that I’ve ever worked with. I’ve always loved arts and crafts and have taken classes in everything from Ikebana to framing and played around with clay to bead making, but when I found glass I fell in love. When you see fused glass in person, I know you will too.

Each Fused Glass piece is made by firing (up to 1500 degrees) dichroic and other beautiful sheets of glass (including streaky and iridized).  I also use glass murrine, frits, powders, stringers, inclusions, decals, and fusible images to create unique designs.

My Fused Glass artwork includes of jewelry, mantle sconces, night lights, candle shields, home decor, dishes, bottles, and a myriad of other glass art.

I add new Fused Glass pieces as often as I can, so be sure read my posts and my newsletter (published each month). Although I admit when I get home from work if I have time I’d prefer to be with my family or in my studio not on the computer!

I hope you love my handcrafted Fused Glass Artwork as much as I love making them.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email at: