A Stunning Mixed Media Picture of Sangre’s

I mentioned Gary from the www.bigredbarnoriginal.com, in my November DYK, he’s an amazing artist. I’ve bought several pieces from him, and in Nov he had a lovely mountain scene picture. I commissioned him to create a picture of my view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

Here are a few of Gary’s and his wife’s artwork from their website. Both of them are wonderful artists.

Here is the painting Gary created for me, it is a mixed media painting. Isn’t it amazing! The details are magnificent, he added a stream but other than that it’s really a fabulous representation of my mountains. I love that he added the deer, our 3 bushes, and rock from our view from our deck. I also love the beautiful sky.

Gary is extremely talented, his shop floored me – so much talent in 1 person. He also restores classic vehicles. I so enjoyed my visit to his shop.

Here is his studio. I loved wandering through it, he has beautiful old bottles, Indian artwork, screen printing (including a wash out room, printing press & so much more), and his work area is right across from his wife’s work area. How cool is that? I just loved it. Wow is he amazing.

I’ve asked Gary if he’d help me make some stands from my glass and he agreed. I can’t wait to go back to his studio and have him help me create stands. Thank you, Gary for sharing your beautiful artwork with me. I think I’m going to have him make me another picture of Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods, his work is stunning, and my photos don’t come close to showing the details.

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