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In my glass last few blogs I talked about my class with Craig Mitchell Smith. I thought I’d show you just how talented he is. First if you want to really check out his amazing talent, click here to see his website.

Craig has done several famous shows like Disney’s Fight of the monarch in 2016, Missouri’s Botanical Garden “Garden of Glass” 2017, and so many more. I am so blessed I got to take a class from such a talented and magnificent artist as Craig Mitchell Smith. He has made me look at flowers and my love of glass with different eyes. I just loved this class, my friends and I are already planning our next class with Craig.


Here are 2 pictures of his butterflies and poppies (from Craig’s website) at his Disney’s show.







Here are 2 pictures of his displays from the Missouri Garden of Glass display (from Craig’s website).









When I respect an instructor as much as I do Craig, it may sound horrible but I want a little piece of them. I so enjoyed the class and also talking with Craig. I decided I had to buy one of his beautiful fused glass pieces so I started walking around his gallery and decided on a poppy, then I got to his angels and wanted one of them but there were six and I couldn’t chose then I got to the orchids and they were so beautiful, they reminded me of love and joy and that’s what this class gave me. Love and joy of my friends and glass and true kindness.


Here are just a few shots of Craig’s gallery.








Here is the orchid I purchased from Craig and him signing it.







Craig is not only a genius when it comes to kiln-formed glass he is kind and thoughtful and funny and giving Anyone who has come to one of my shows and really talked to me about glass knows how much I love glass and how passionate I am about glass. Well Craig’s passion for glass brought tears to my eyes. One night when we were having dinner Craig talked about his passion for glass and I just thought yes, some one else that loves glass as much as I do. (Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met others who are passionate about glass, but I never get tired of meeting people that love glass like I do). I just felt a kindred connect to Craig’s passion for glass. Then when he walked us through his Gallery and talked about where his mind was when he created this piece or that piece, e.g., Tuesday’s Child I had cold chills and my eyes started to water. What a storyteller he is and what a beautiful mind and heart he has.









BTW I did make 1 mistake, I didn’t take any pictures of amazing assistance Jane and Joan. These ladies were very helpful and talented in their own right.


If you are curious if I will be taking another class from Craig the answer is YES. As many as I can. I love his talent, his teaching style, how giving he is, and of course his humor; he had us cracking up most of the class.

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