A Beautiful Mixed Media Picture of Pikes Peak

I’ve mentioned Gary from the www.bigredbarnoriginal.com, a few times. He is a wonderful artist. I’ve bought numerous pieces from him. I commissioned him to create a picture of my view of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. I’ve showed you the painting Gary created for me, it is a mixed media painting. Isn’t it stunning! The details are magnificent, he added a stream but other than that it’s really a fabulous representation of my mountains. I love that he added the deer, our 3 bushes, and rock from our view from our deck. I also love the beautiful sky.

I liked the picture so much I commission him to create a picture of Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. Here is the picture he created for me. I also wanted to include a picture of Gary and me. He’s so talented.

I also finally hung these and the other two pictures I bought from him. I think they are so pretty.

Here are the Sangre’s and Pikes Peak displayed in Westcliffe, I just love them. Here are the Sangre’s and Pikes Peak displayed in Westcliffe, I just love them. Now when we move to Westcliffe for good we’ll have Pikes Peak with us.

In addition, to Gary’s pictures we bought a saw with a painting – it’s gorgeous! It goes so well with Gary’s pictures and the metal artwork we bought in Westcliffe from the Amish.

BTW while we were in Westcliffe we went to visit Seth and bought a coat rack. He does amazing work. I love supporting other artists.

Our Westcliffe house is almost finished, just a few more pieces of artwork and it will be complete. I have another piece of artwork I will show off once it’s finished.

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