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In November I have 2 craft shows

both are 1 day each so it's going to crazy busy!!


Liberty High School is a fun craft fair I hope to see y'all there!

November 11th

9am to 4pm!

Rampart High School is a awesome craft fair I hope to see y'all there too!

November 18th

9am to 4pm!


Fresh From the Kiln:

So this is an interesting fused glass piece. It started out as a screen printing with powder. I fused it to a tack fuse which means you can feel the texture. So after taking Mark's fused glass painting class, I knew how I wanted to finish this piece. So while I was in Nellis I painted it. I think it's pretty cool.


I wanted to let you know that this is a very unusual newsletter. Normally I write blogs each week, but this month I left for Nellis on the 1st of Oct and didn't come back until the 20th. Then I had a 2 day show at Lewis Palmer. In fact I drove straight from the airport to help my husband and daughter to set up. What that means is I didn't have the luxury to do much glass work or write blogs. So instead of writing blogs these are just little notes on various things I thought would be interesting.

Fused Glass trees

Fused Glass bees

I did do a bit of painting on glass this month. These decals are from Mark, I talked about the painting class I took from him in August. Believe it or not the outlines are decals and I painted the inside. This one I put the honeycomb on the bottom glass and the bee on top. I'm still learning about painting on glass, but I find it very fun.

This is the back of the piece. Yep these decals are a keeper!

Three fused glass bees. I love the decals so much. Mark is so talented!

Fused Glass Spoons

Painted Fused Glass

This is one of my new painted fused glass pieces. I used Mark's decals then painted the decal. I also added blue bubbles. I am really enjoying the decals. I especially like using it on clear glass.

More Fused Glass Stars

More Fused Glass Stars

Fused Glass Decals. Here are two more of Mark's decals. They work fine on glass with or without painting. These are two more that I plan on painting. I really love the decals and just ordered some more. I wish I was a bit better at painting.

Fused glass - Essential Oil accessories

Winner of my Lewis Palmer show

The winner is Linda. I've emailed her and hopefully she will chose her prize during my November shows.

I also wanted to show off the owners of my mushroom light. It's one of my favorite mushrooms and I'm so glad it has a good home with these wonderful ladies.

Winner of Holly Berry Fused Glass prize!

Winner of Holly Berry Fused Glass prize!

I never heard from Janet, the winner of  the Holly Berry fused glass drawing so the first one (who signed up for my newsletter at Holly Berry) who emails me will win the $25 fused glass prize.

Busy fused glass month

My love of Learning

Since I was in Las Vegas for 3 weeks I didn't have a lot of time to play with my glass so I thought I'd do a couple of posts about other things that I love doing.  Ironically it goes back to learning. It's Udemy. When I was studying for my Security + exam I started taking courses on Udemy. I also took publisher, excel, word, PowerPoint and many more classes. They also have fun classes like alcohol ink, jewelry making, sewing, and so many more. I also took a space law course that I liked. If you like learning a variety of topics check out Udemy

A good home - for Fused Glass Art

Addicted to the Science of People

As I mentioned in the previous post, I love learning new things and one of my favorite instructors on Udemy is Vanessa Van Edwards. I just love her. I have learned a lot and I find her both educational and funny.  I like her so much that I bought her book and bought each of her Udemy courses. Plus she's extremely uplifting. I'm shocked at the things I've learned from her Udemy courses and her youtube video. Check her out.  She also turned me on to Ted Talks. Pretty interesting topics.


Did you know ...

This section is used to answer any questions you may have or to pass on tidbits of information that add value and enhance knowledge regarding fused glass, metals, or jewelry in general. Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to include.

Normally my DYK is about glass but  as I mentioned this month I took a business trip to Nellis AFB in Nevada.   So I thought I'd share some thoughts of Nellis.  Hopefully it will help you understand how busy I truly was this month and why I didn't get to play with my glass as much as I would like too!


This is not my picture (it's from Nellis's page), but I had to include a picture of the planes and I wasn't able to take any pictures of the flying planes. But I did love watching the planes and hearing them. During my years in the AF I loved being on flying bases. Being at Nellis reminded me of how  I love hearing the planes take off and watching them fly. To me it's the sound of Freedom and I never get tired of it!


I did get to go to the on base museum and it was so cool. We got to climb into the planes and it was fun! It reminded me of when I was in Saudi and we had an static air show and got to see all the planes up close and personal. In fact I got to fly on a tanker while I was in Saudi and even got to watch a refueling. Yep I loved my time in the Air Force. It's interesting how one trip to Nellis reminded me of so many fun times while I was active duty.

Yep this is me too! Some where I have pictures of me in planes while I was active duty. I'll look for them one of these days and surprise ya'll with them!


The museum also had tanks! Again, it reminded me of when I was in Saudi and got to ride in a transport tank. So much fun! Yep the only thing that wasn't fun about Saudi is when I went off base I had to wear an abaya and ride in the back of the car. I'm so happy to see things are changing a bit now for women in Saudi.

I'm such a little kid when it comes to the military. I love it! I'm so glad we were able to visit the museum.


They also had missiles of every shape and size. It was a pretty fascinating museum.

They even had helicopters. Yep, you guessed it  when I was in Iraq I got to fly in a helicopter and I think I remember flying in a helicopter while I was in Saudi too but that was so long I'm not sure if I'm getting them confused.  Again one of these days I'll post some of those pictures.


Another fun thing I did was drive out to the Area 51 Alien Center. It's just a store but it was fun! 

I sent this one to my daughter and she's like really mom! No matter where I go I always try to have a bit of fun!


Then we also drove out to Red Rocks which was beautiful.

I loved this mountain, it had so much character!

This was a cool formation because it was two tone.

Can you tell I'm a Colorado girl? I love the mountains, even though these are a bit small. I think it's pretty but our Garden of the Gods here in Colorado Springs has it beat hands down!

I also loved the trees. So cool. I wish I could have gotten out and gotten closer to them.


I hope you don't mind a few of my pictures from my trip to Nellis AFB. I did go down to Fremont street, but of course it was the same day I went to Red Rocks and my camera was dead.  Plus Fremont street is a pretty odd place. I don't think I could post the pictures here even if I did take some.

The majority of my time 9 to 13 hrs a day was working. I love my day time job and I'm lucky to have it and get to visit different places. Have I said how much I love traveling?  I also loved being back on a flying base. It really takes me back to my active duty days in the Air Force.


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