July 2013 Newsletter

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Fresh From the Kiln:

I have been creating Fused Glass Bowls this month and they are something to behold. Right now I only have two photographed and published on the site. If you'd like to see them in person, I'm taking both to the "Christmas in July" event I'm participating in (for more information see below). Let me know what other colors you would like to see in my functional Fused Glass Artwork.  I love making platters and bowls, they are fun to make and beautiful to look at.

July Blog Highlights:

Elegant Fused Glass by Karen - Pinterest Boards - Things that give me inspiration

Seeing through a Fused Glass Artist's Eyes

Elegant Fused Glass by Karen - Pinterest Boards - Things that give me inspiration

Recently I have started looking at things i.e., shirts, ...

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Fused Glass Frit Mountain Painting

Busy with Learning New Techniques i.e., Fused Glass

Fused Glass Frit Mountain Painting from my class with Anne Nye  ...

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Handmade Ladybug, Dichroic Fused Glass Pendants

Fused Glass Home Show - Red Hats (Ladybugs and Star of David Pendants)

Handmade Ladybug, Dichroic Fused Glass Pendants

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Did you know ...

This section will be used to answer any questions you may have or to pass on tidbits of information that add value and enhance knowledge regarding fused glass, metals, or jewelry in general. Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to include. For this article I'd like to talk about allergies to metals.

Some people are allergic to metals. For the most part nickel is the culprit. According to Web MD some of the symptoms include itching, redness, rash, dry patches, and swelling of the skin. The symptoms from an allergic reaction typically appear between 6 to 24 hours after exposure.

A way to avoid a reaction to nickel is to ensure your jewelry is made of surgical-grade stainless steel, sterling silver, or copper. The Fused Glass earrings on my sites can be changed to surgical steel or sterling silver (small fee for silver) as requested. The fused glass pendants on my sites have bails which are free from nickel, lead and cadmium.

If you still have a concern I can coat the bail with allergy shield. In addition, I have a wide selection of bail-less pendants where a metal bail does not touch your skin. I can also change a pendant bail to silver (for an additional cost).

Allergic reaction to metals (e.g., nickel) is different than your skin changing colors. Maybe that's a good article for next month's edition of News from Elegant Fused Glass by Karen.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Upcoming Events:

On the 27th of July from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. I (Fused Elegance) will be participating in a local event with other crafters and vendors at Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning (11925 Antler's Ridge Dr., Falcon, Colorado *off Meridian Ranch Road).  There will be over 30 different crafters and vendors and we are calling it "Christmas in July" because it's never too early to get ready for Christmas.

Please Come out and Visit. If you mention my Fused Elegance sites, my blog or this Newsletter you will receive 10% off your purchases from the Fused Elegance Booth.

If you would like me to bring a fused glass piece from any of my Fused Elegance sites (below) let me know and I'll be sure to bring it. 

For those of you who attended the Doherty and Palmer High School Art / Craft Fairs you know I conduct a drawing for each event (including this one). The Drawing is a chance to win a $25 Fused Glass (from any of my sites). No purchase is required just your name and email.

After the event I use http://www.random.org/integers which generates a random integer to determine the winner. I'll send the winner an email so they can chose their Fused Glass Artwork ($25). 

Please read my blog  or email me (fused_elegance@yahoo.com) for more information about the "Christmas in July" event.


Thanks for taking the time to read my latest updates.

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