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Fresh From the Kiln:

Fused Glass Crackle dish

April's Fresh From the Kiln - Crackle

Earlier this month I wrote a blog about an e-book I read - "Glass fusing design techniques with powders on fiber paper".  I wanted show you what I made based on the book. I've taken crackle classes before, however this technique a little different.  I really like this technique and will probably be making more. April's fused glass book review …Read more.

Fused Glass Awareness Ribbons

Fused Glass Awareness Ribbons

During 2014 I wrote blogs  each month showing the various awareness ribbons. I created fused glass pieces that can be used as pendants or key chains to represent the various awareness ribbons based on month. As a recap I thought I'd post various pictures of all the colors and types of ribbons I have …Read more.

Update to my Fused Glass Snaps

Update to my Fused Glass Snaps

Great news! For those who have come to one of my fused glass shows or follow my YouTube videos have seen my fused glass snaps. Well great news! I just received several new base for my fuse glass including both the 18mm and 12mm sizes. I got new snap pendant bases. As you can see they are beautiful and when …Read more.

Fused glass Pebbles

Fused glass Pebbles

For today's blog I wanted to write about one of my new fused glass obsession. It's called Fused glass pebbles. I took a fused glass boot camp class from one of the best fused glass artists / instructors I know. Her name of course is Tanya Veit. I've blogged about Tanya many times, I adore her, she's so talented, giving, …Read more.

April New Fused Glass Mold - Tree of Life

April New Fused Glass Mold - Tree of Life

April New Fused Glass Mold - Tree of Life In keeping with my new rule of writing a blog about my molds I picked up a great mold the other day - the Tree of Life bottle slumper mold. Slumping is basically giving shape to a piece of glass. But this mold is a little different in the since that …Read more.


April's Fused Glass - "Glass fusing design techniques with powders on fiber paper" E- book Review

April's Fused Glass - "Glass fusing design techniques with powders on fiber paper" E- book Review April's fused glass book review is about the E-book "Glass fusing design techniques with powders on fiber paper" by Lena Beckeus. I've taken powder's on fiber paper classes before and I bought this e-book as a backup and because Lena's fused glass pieces are …Read more.

Fused Glass Garden Art

Fused Glass Garden Art

Spring is here and I'm so ready as evident by this blog.  What made me think of it was a good friend of mine was talking about the fused glass garden art I made her a couple years ago.  I made it for her because her garden is beautiful and I wanted to test out the concept. So I made …Read more.

Fused Glass Belt Buckles

Fused Glass Belt Buckles

I'm a firm believer in that everything looks better with glass. Which is why I don't just make pendants. I've just started making Fused Glass Belt Buckles and I love them. They are a little bit of a pain to make because most of the findings I bought had a lip around them I'd cut the glass, fire it and …Read more.


Fused Glass Winners - Rocky Mountain Calvary, Autism Event, & WOW events!

For those who follow my Fused Glass blog and receive my Elegant Fused Glass Newsletter know that I participated in the Rocky Mountain Calvary  event and the Autism Event this past weekend. Both were small events but I had a great time and met some wonderful people. Thank you to all of those who visited my site. As always I …Read more.


Did you know ...

This section will be used to answer any questions you may have or to pass on tidbits of information that add value and enhance knowledge regarding fused glass, metals, or jewelry in general. Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to include.

April's "Did You Know" is about reactions in glass. There are several types of COE 90 glass that reacts; copper bearing, sulfur/selenium, lead, and specialty glass.  The specialty glass is called reactive (cloud and ice), which doesn't contain sulfur, copper or lead but reacts with copper bearing glass, silver, and copper leaf. The other specialty glass is called alchemy series which reacts with silver (foil & wire).

• Sulfur/Selenium bearing glasses includes Vanilla, Yellow, and Red glasses and reacts with silver (foil & wire), copper and lead glasses.

- The sample is a vanilla base (sulfur) and cyan (copper) on top. If you look at where the cyan meets the vanilla there is a brown outline. I love this combination and use it as a faux turquoise. It works not just with cyan but lots of blues and greens when used with vanilla. 



Lead bearing glasses are the expensive glasses and include purple, pink, and dense white glass and reacts with sulfur glass. 


• The sample on the left is a vanilla base (sulfur) with dense white (lead). If you look closely you can see a brown outline.

I love this combination.

• Copper Bearing glass includes Blue and Green glasses and reacts with sulfur and reactive glasses (cloud and ice). 

I have shown the copper glass with sulfur and I will show the reactive glasses.  I thought I'd show how different forms of copper reacts in glass.

- The first sample is copper mesh - I cut it into a star shape and put some blue fine frit and clear glass;  the copper turns a pretty dark red.

 - The second sample is copper foil in between clear - again a pretty dark red.

- The third sample is actually copper powder in between clear - this time it turns blue.

- The fourth sample is copper leaf in between clear - it turns light blue bubbles.

- The fifth sample is copper wire between clear and it turned red.

* I also tested gold leaf in between clear, which ironically turns light blue and bubbles too!

As I just mentioned I tested Gold leaf and copper leaf and I bet you can't tell the difference. Basically I think the gold left is just copper leaf colored gold because they both fire the same.

Reactive glasses react with copper glass and copper leaf and silver foil / wire. Again the two reactive glasses are reactive cloud (which looks white) and reactive ice (which looks clear).

• I made several samples with the reactive glasses. The first is two glasses, one with cyan (copper) base and reactive ice on top (right side), as you can see it turned the reactive glass a brown glass.

•   The next is the reactive cloud on the bottom and the cyan (copper) on top and you can see a pretty red where the two meet.  (left)

• If you compare it to the sulfur and copper above you can see the outline is totally different!

• The first sample (left)  is copper in between clear and reactive ice looks almost black.

• The second sample is copper in between clear and reactive cloud looks part black and part copper.

• The third sample is copper foil with clear on both sides.

 I also wanted to show the reactive glasses with silver foil.

• The silver has a slight gold tint when the reactive cloud as the base then silver foil then clear on top.

•  When I put vanilla (sulfur) as the base, then silver, then reactive ice the silver turned a muted gold.

BIG difference!

• Just silver foil with clear glass is on the bottom and you can see that for the most part it stays silver.


• Alchemy glass comes in two types silver to bronze and silver to gold. The alchemy glass is clear and stays clear except where it touches the silver foil. Here are two samples of the alchemy glass fused with silver and clear glass.  

- one side looks silver and the side that's against the alchemy glass it turns bronze (top right) or gold (top left). 

- Just to show the difference I also fused just silver with two pieces of clear and you can see the silver stayed silver on one side and has a yellow tint on the other side.(Butterfly bottom center)

BTW I've noticed when I fuse silver foil in with bottles the silver turns even more gold. 

Sadly, other than samples I haven't done a lot with the alchemy glass, so it's on my list of things to do. Maybe next month!

So I'm sure you are wondering what do all these reactions really do with fused glass. It's truly amazing and I never get tired of the reactions, they are so unique and organic. '

I make anything and everything with the reactions. This is a small dish, perfect as art or functional for keys, etc.

Let me know what you think of the reactions.

As I mentioned these are just a few examples of the possibilities to create reactions in fused glass!

If you have any questions about a fused glass pendant please email me at elegantfusedglass@gmail.com  or checkout my website www.elegantfusedglassbykaren.com


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