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I don't have any shows in March right now but I will have a couple in April and May.

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Fresh From the Kiln:

February - Fresh From the Kiln

February - Fresh From the Kiln

Earlier this month I did a review on a "Wear Your Fused Glass Art - Bibs..." and  I thought I'd create a fused glass necklace related to the book. I also wanted to show you the a fused glass bib necklace I did before I read the book. First a while back I bought a choker cast mold, it's in …Read more.


Fused Glass Mold - Doggy Paw

This blog was supposed to be in the January newsletter. I'm not sure why it wasn't so I wanted to include it here.

So as I mentioned in a previous blog I have countless fused glass molds, so many in fact that I haven't used them all. I want to change that. To make sure I do, I'm going to start using them and posting the fused glass pieces I create using the molds. First I …Read more.


Winner of the Fused Elegance / Elegant Fused Glass Drawing from the Craft Expo

I never heard from Darlene so I drew another # and now Angela is the winner!  I've already heard from Angela and she'll be choosing something soon!

For those who follow my Fused Glass blog and receive my Elegant Fused Glass Newsletter know that I participated in the Craft Expo event this past weekend. It was a small event but I had some great friends stop by and visited me and enjoyed their Newsletter discount. I also enjoyed the music by Mike and got to meet some …Read more.

fused glass powder drawings

End of the Fused Glass Powder Challenge

In January I took a a fused glass challenge it was called 30 powders in 30 days. On January 3rd I did my initial powder challenge blog. I won't post all my drawings but I did want to post my first, my last and a couple of my favorites.                  

The first …Read more.

Fused Glass Year of the Sheep Pendant

Fused Glass Year of the Sheep Pendant

2015 is the Year of the Sheep (goat / ram) according to Chinese zodiac. So I have two types of fused glass pendants. The first is purple iridzied and the 2nd is actually a snap so the base can be changed. It can even be a ring. If you'd like to learn more about my …Read more.

Mica and dichroic Fused Glass Pendants

Mica and Dichroic Fused Glass pendants

As I've told those who come to my Fused Glass booth at my shows and those that follow my Fused Glass blogs know I love to learn. One of my mentors Tanya Viet did a free video using dichroic mica decals. Mica is a mineral, mined from the earth. But this mica isn't …Read more.

Fused Glass artwork

Fused Glass Art Challenge

Last week my good friend and fellow glass artist nominated me and a couple other of our friends to post some of our fused glass artwork on our Facebook group. I had been seeing others post their pictures, so I was thrilled to be included in those chosen by another glass artist to show off their pretties. Of course it …Read more.

Book Review

February - Fused Glass Book Review

February's Fused Glass Book review, "Wear Your Fused Glass Art - Bibs, Colors, and Patterns" by Connie Brown Today's book review is the new book by Connie Brown. Connie publishes a monthly newsletter, quarterly fused glass e-magazine, and a couple of books. I get her newsletter and her e-magazines so I thought I'd …Read more.

Fused Glass Mini Cast-A-Cab Melt Mold

Fused Glass Mini Cast-A-Cab Melt Mold

Cast-A-Cab Melt Mold   As I mentioned in my January's Newsletter, I have countless molds, they are like an addiction for fused glass artists. In January I made a doggy bowl with two molds. For February I'm using different type of mold, it's call Cast-A-Cab and it's purpose is create cabochons from using the pot melt concept.  (* I'll do …Read more.

Fused Glass Wine Stoppers, Wine Charms, Wine Bottles platters, and more

Fused Glass Wine Stoppers, Wine Charms, Wine Bottles platters, and more

Fused Glass Wine Stoppers, Wine Charms, & Wine Bottles Since it's always a good time for wine and parties I thought I'd do a blog about festive yet functional fused glass artwork, e.g., fused glass wine stoppers, wine charms, and wine bottle trays. As you can tell I have a wide variety …Read more.


Did you know ...

This section will be used to answer any questions you may have or to pass on tidbits of information that add value and enhance knowledge regarding fused glass, metals, or jewelry in general. Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to include.

This month’s "Did You Know" is a little different. I thought I'd  show you one of the many reasons I love glass. Of course it's beautiful and functional, albeit I show you examples of  that in my blogs all the time. Today I thought I'd show you another way glass is so versatile and another reason why I love working with it so much.

Look at these two fused glass clocks I bet you can't tell they started out as something different.

The black rainbow was a sushi dish but the edges didn't turn out like I wanted, so I refused it to a full fused.  It turned out so pretty with the rainbow iridized glass that I added glass dots, fused it again, and then drilled the hole for the clock functions. Now it's a beautiful Rainbow Iridized Fused Glass Clock!

The flower clock was actually going to be a clock, but I didn't like the design.  So I kept changing it, by adding more glass, until I added this beautiful flower design in aventurine blue and it's perfect.  I slumped it so it stands on it's own, drilled a hole, and added the clock function. Now it's a lovely fused glass clock!

That's what I love about glass. If you don't like it, change it.  Moreover, if I wouldn't have told you about their prior lives, you wouldn't have known they began life completely different.

Same thing look at this cool spoon rest or change dish or tea bag holder (basically you can use it for anything you want). It actually started out as a vase (and it was stunning - until I broke it cutting off the rim). I cut the vase in half, fused it to flatten it, sandblasted it, and slumped it into this beautiful shape! Now it's a stunning dish that you can use for anything you want.  You have to see it in person to truly see the colors!

I could go on and on with a myriad of other fused glass examples because that's what I love about glass! 

This one is a little different.  I haven't had a chance to slump it into the bowl shape, but that's my plan for it, a centerpiece bowl or maybe a sculpture.  What do you think?

When I create fused glass jewelry (which I love to do) I always have this little pieces left over, sometimes I make other pieces of jewelry (that's where I come up with my $10 and $5 pendants, bobby pins, etc.).  But since I was writing a DYK about how versatile glass is I thought I'd show you what else can be made with tiny pieces of glass!  I fused the little pieces of glass from other projects into little pebbles, then I put them all together in a round mold, and fused them to create this beautiful soon to be fused glass bowl!

That's one of the million reasons I love glass it's so versatile, if you don't like how it turns out you just change it: by sandblasting, breaking it up, cut it into a different shape, adding glass to it, adding a decal, or all of the above.

A great glass artist - Boyce Lundstrom wrote in every one of his books "never refuse to refuse" and that is exactly how I feel. I always tell my customers, I don't sell what I don't like - if I don't like it, I change it.

So if you buy fused glass from me - especially a big piece and it breaks please don't just throw it away. Email me tell me what happened and we can talk about what we can do to fix it - I won't glue it back together, but I maybe able to make you something else just as beautiful!

Keeping my kiln warm,



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