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Instead of sending the January Newsletter and a Special Event announcement back to back I thought I'd do a combination announcement!

GREAT News  I will have a booth at the Craft EXPO this weekend (Saturday 31 Jan & Sunday 1 Feb) Let your spouse watch the Super bowl and come visit me!!

Colorado Springs Event Center
3960 Palmer Park Boulevard
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

"It is a FREE event to attend, all they ask is for you to bring a canned or non-perishable item to donate. All the donations we get will go to the Care and Share of Colorado Springs. They will be having a Silent Auction with all proceeds going to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, as well as a raffle with all proceeds going to the March of Dimes Foundation. There will be over 70 vendors which will include crafts, direct sales and more.  This will also be a Valentine Days theme so we won't just have things for the ladies, but we will have things for the guys as well and for those little ones of yours."

As for my booth Elegant Fused Glass by Karen I'm having 3 promotions going on during the expo

1) if you are getting this newsletter you automatically get 15% off your purchase during the EXPO just let me know you receive my newsletters
2) if you spend $50 or more you will ALSO receive a $5 fused glass piece for free!
3) if you bought any snap jewelry during my Christmas show and you come by the show you will get a free snap - *I've been so busy making more snaps and so there are so many to choose from!!!

In addition to these promotions I will have numerous new pendants from my Jan posts including my "gold" Fused Glass pieces, my VALENTINES pieces from my youtube video, my doggy bowl, my January's fresh from the kiln, my crystal like pieces from December's fresh from the kiln, and so so much more!!

Please come out and visit me!


Additionally, I updated my Etsy site!  In my New Years Blog I mentioned I want to update all my sties including my Etsy, Artfire, Fused Elegance and Elegant Fused Glass by Karen websites  and with the help of my daughter, Madisen I did it. Madi wants to be a writer so I let her write the descriptions and I must say she is much better at describing some of my work than I am. She did the pendants and I did the others. As you can see I need to have her add some better descriptions. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Don't forget to check out my YouTube video for Valentine’s Day Gifts.

*If you know of a show that you think I should participate in please let me know the information and I will do my best to participate in that show.

Hope to see you at the craft show this weekend at the

Colorado Springs Event Center!


Fresh From the Kiln:

January's Fresh from the Kiln - Fused Glass

January's Fresh from the Kiln - Fused Glass Lamp

I'm so excited about the Fused Glass - Fresh From the Kiln for January that I'm doing it a little early. I've wanted to make a fused glass lamp for quite some time and now I have two and can't wait to make another. Hopefully  I'll be making hanging pendent …Read more.

Day 1 of 30 day

I'm up for the 30 fused glass powders in 30 days challenge.

Ok this is a little bit of a different type of blog but I couldn't help it. Since it's a new year I wanted to do something I haven't done before. So I have take on the challenge of 30 powders in 30 days. We are creating pictures with glass powder and sheet glass. I've …Read more.


Fused Glass Projects

This will be an unusual blog, because it's not topic focused, except to say I have so many fused glass projects I want to work on this month. So many in fact I can't seem to get them started. I have been busy both at home and at work. …Read more.

Fused Glass Gold

1st year Anniversary - Fused Glass Gold

Fused Glass Gold In 2014 I wrote blogs every month explaining the gemstone for that particular month. So for this year I was going to discuss traditional gemstone gift for Anniversaries. 1 st year - gold, 5th  - Sapphire, 7th -  onyx, 10th - diamond, 12th - jade, 15th - ruby, 20th - emerald, 25th - silver, 30th - pearl, …Read more.

Fused Glass Eye holder

Fused Glass Eye holder

Fused Glass Eye Glass Holders As I've aged I need glasses to work on details of my glasswork and to read. I leave them everywhere and forget where I put them. So I have created several fused glass eye glass holders to help me keep track of them.  Quick story at the …Read more.


Fused Glass Video Review - Sand to Glass Vol II

Normally I do reviews on fused glass books, but this year I also wanted to do reviews on videos, and products involving Fused Glass as well. This month I'm doing a review on the David Alcala's video Sand to Glass Vol II. For those of you who follow my blog know that sadly David Alcala …Read more.

Fused Glass Valentine's Day Gifts video

Fused Glass Valentine's Day Gifts video

Valentine's day is just around the corner so I thought I'd show you some of my new fused glass pieces perfect for Valentine's day.  There are little fused glass pendants for children from $5 to more elaborate pieces for that special someone in your life. So for Valentine's day I thought I'd do a video showing you just a few …Read more.

Bullseye education

Did you know ...

This section will be used to answer any questions you may have or to pass on tidbits of information that add value and enhance knowledge regarding fused glass, metals, or jewelry in general. Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to include.

This month’s "Did You Know" is a little different. I've been writing my newsletter consistently for over a year now and I'm continually contacted by other fusers about techniques, glass, etc.,  I thought I'd give some background on what I use to help me get started in fusing. So January’s DYK is did you know how much Bullseye offers fusers!

I've mentioned before in my blogs that I use different types of glass including recycled and COE 96 (Spectrum) but the majority of the glass I use is Bullseye glass. When people start fusing, the glass they use is typically determined by where they learned. Where I learned to fuse the instructor recommended Bullseye so that's what I used.  Please understand this is my personal view and is not intended to offend anyone. I just like trying new things and I would like to share my experiences with others.

Now that I've been fusing a while I have used COE 96 (I like some of their specialty swirls), but my favorite is Bullseye, especially after visiting their factory, gallery, and resource center(s). I like the colors and more importantly I like their website. Bullseye doesn't just sell glass they manufacture glass for fusing, torchwork, architecture, etc. Bullseye also believes in research and education.  Bullseye Kiln-Glass Education Online (BKEO) helps kiln-glass artist build foundational skills and learn new techniques. Their site is marked as one of my favorites and I use it constantly. Over the next few months you will know why. Note: I've added Bullseye's link to my page to show that's how seriously I enjoy their site and their educational tools.

Bullseye has 47 (at the time of this newsletter) fused glass videos ranging from Overview of Kiln-Glass & Glass Fusing, Foundational Skills, Kiln Concepts & Operation, Kilnforming Concepts & Techniques, Coldworking Concepts & Techniques, Printing on Kiln-Glass, and Project-Based Lessons. BTW the 47 does not include the free videos! So I bet you are wondering how expensive it is to have access to all of these videos; Shockingly enough it's only $39 a year! The best thing about all the information is it is always available and does not disappear after a couple of days and you can watch them over and over, as long as your subscription is paid. I have so gotten my $’s worth and I watch them on my iPad. What a great resource and I have renewed every year.  The videos come with bonuses including PDFs, helpful resources, featured product information, etc.  Since they are all important I'd start in one area and work through that topic. They are all relatively short ranging from 10-15 mins and are designed by Bullseye instructors, and are appropriate for beginners to advanced kilnformers. *To sign up just click the Bullseye link on my page.

Additionally Bullseye has 15 (at the time of this newsletter) FREE fused glass videos ranging from Overview of kiln-glass & glass fusing, Foundational Skills, Kiln concepts & operation, and Kilnforming Concepts & Techniques.  Additionally Bullseye included videos on Bullseye Conference 2013 lectures (4) and Artist Talk (5). Again all of these videos are FREE.  According to the site these videos provide an introduction to kiln-glass, and a chance to sample Bullseye’s online educational program. Additionally a lot of the videos come with bonuses including PDFs, Helpful resources, featured product information and a link to the Bullseye forum for additional guidance! I recommend starting with the Overview of kiln- Glass and Glass fusing and working your way down. Of course if you aren't a liner person you may want to start with the foundational skills!

In addition to the videos (free and membership) Bullseye has 63 (at the time of this newsletter) fused glass Articles ranging from GlassTips (about glass) , TorchTips, TechNotes & Studio Tips (basic fusing information), TipSheets & Make it projects & QuickTips (techniques), Product Use Sheets (specific tips for using bullseye products).  Best of all they are ALL FREE of charge. If you are learning fused glass this is one amazing place to start. Most of Bullseye fused glass articles also include a downloadable PDF, so one could make a book with all the information or save it to a computer for easy access.

Moreover, Bullseye has 76 (at the time of this newsletter) fused glass FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ranging from General (understanding Bullseye glass), Coldworking (actions taken after fusing), Kilncasting (casting & molds), and Kilnforming (types of fusing).  Best of all they are ALL FREE of charge. If you are learning to fuse glass and you have a quick question these areas will either answer your question or direct you to several other articles etc. to answer the question. *Bullseye also has a blog and a forum to help fusers.

Lastly, you can buy Bullseye glass directly from their site if you don’t have a resource center close to you.

So if you are a fuser or if you want to learn more about fused glass checkout the Bullseye site by clicking the Bullseye education link on my webpage under FAQ.

Keeping my Kiln warm,



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