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Upcoming Events:

I had several events in November and I have two more in December!

December 1-10  (except 6 & 7 - because I'll be at Doherty)  I will be having a Home Show.

I had several requests, so I'm doing a HOME SHOW at my house after I get off work from 3:30 to 7:00 every night from Dec 1-10. Please call, text, or email first please!  * BTW the rule still apply about the 15% off anything you buy! Additionally, anyone that comes by my home show will get an extra gift as well!

• December 6 & 7 - Doherty High School Arts & Craft Fair

Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday 12:00 am to 4:00 pm

4515 Barnes Rd |  Colorado Springs, CO 80917

• Canceled - Palmer High School Craft Fair *I just found out this craft fair was canceled!
So Sad! If the winner of the Foxy Mom's or Doherty craft fair needs to come by after the 10th to pick up their prize no problem, just coordinate first.

In November I had 3 events.

• November 1st  - Foxy Moms Expo - The Winner was Raven (but I didn't hear from her so I drew another Winner *Ute. Albeit I never heard from her either so I drew a 3rd name - Dorian is the new winner. Please email me soon Dorian so we can coordinate your prize in time for Christmas!  I feel bad about Raven and Ute but I want someone to win! :-)

• November 8th - Liberty High School Craft Fair - The Winner was Susan (she chose to take the $25 of a custom Aspen panel and she picked it up at the Rampart Craft Fair!!!)

• November 22nd  - Rampart High School Craft Fair - The Winner was Ranna! Hopefully she will be able to pickup her prize at Doherty craft fair 6-7 December!

** If the Winners haven't had a chance to chose their $25 of fused glass for winning the drawing coming by one of the shows (including my home show)  is the best way to select the perfect piece.

As always, for those who come to visit me at any of my shows and mention my Fused glass newsletter or blogs get a 15% Discount on anything they buy!

Additionally for those who do not receive my newsletter now can sign-up for my monthly fused glass newsletter at any of the shows and enter  my contest to win $25 of FREE fused glass artwork!

Hope to see you soon!!


Fresh From the Kiln:

November - Fused Glass Fresh From the Kiln

November - Fused Glass Fresh From the Kiln

This month, I've had several items fresh from the kiln however, most of them are items my customers know and love, mainly my aspens! Instead of showing them again I thought I'd show you another fused glass artwork  that is more abstract. I think of it as my earth sculpture. It's a screen melt that is just …Read more.


November 's Blog Highlights: *My blogs are posted NLT each Sunday of the WEEK just check Elegant Fused Glass by Karen.

Foxy Mom's Expo Fused Glass Winner

NOTE: I didn't hear from Raven so I chose another Winner Ute! But I didn't hear from her either so I chose Dorian!!!

 For those who receive my Newsletter and read my blogs know I participated in the Foxy Mom's Expo this weekend. As always I met some new friends and had a good time.  I love my fused glass artwork and it’s nice to see others do as well. As I do with …Read more.


Fused Glass November birthstones - Topaz

November has two birthstones Topaz and Citrine. November’s fused glass Topaz Topaz is a gemstone available in a rich rainbow of colors. Topaz also commemorates a 4th wedding anniversary. The word topaz is believed to have come from the sankrit word tapaz for fire, a reference to the range of flame-like colors of the gem, …Read more.


Fused Glass November birthstones - Citrine

November’s fused glass Citrine As I mentioned November has two birthstones Topaz and Citrine. Citrine also commemorates a 13th wedding anniversary. Citrine can be found in a variety of shades ranging from pastel yellow to dark brownish orange. Citrine is a yellow-to-golden member of the quartz mineral group. Citrine is defined as “a pale yellow …Read more.


Fused Glass Winner - Liberty HS Craft Fair

Note: Susan chose to take the $25 of this beautiful custom made Aspen panel - I call it Harvest Moon and I like it so much I'll be making another one when I get a chance!

As those who receive my Newsletter and read my blogs know I participated in the Liberty HS Craft Bazaar this weekend. I had a great time at Liberty I met some amazing people and sold some of my favorite pieces. As always I met some new friends and had many old friends come by for a visit. My old friends …Read more.


Happy Veteran's Day

11 Nov 2014 As a retired Air Force all patriotic holidays are important to me obviously Veterans Day is one of the most important. I have several patriot fused glass pieces that are appropriate for all patriotic holidays including Veterans Day.  Moreover I thought I’d let ya’ll know according to Wikipedia …Read more.


Fused Glass Zodiac - Sagittarius

Fused Glass Zodiac  Sagittarius - "The Archer" November 23 - December 21: Every month I’ve been writing a blog about the Western Zodiac symbol for that month. November Zodiac Symbol is Sagittarius which is the Archer. I have various decals with the Sagittarius symbols and I can put them on anything from …Read more.

Nov ribbons

November Awareness Ribbons - Fused Glass

All year I’ve been writing blogs regarding the Awareness causes for each month. For November there are numerous causes and I have fused glass representing the majority including White for Adoption, Purple for Alzheimers (see below), and grey for Diabetes. All of my Awareness fused glass pieces can be made into pendants, key chains, broaches, …

Read more.

Bullseye Factory in Portland Oregon

Bullseye Fused Glass Factory Tour

As I mentioned in my October Fused Glass Newsletter I went to see my son and daughter-in-law in October. But since it is also related to fused glass I thought I'd share a couple of portions of our trip in my blogs.  First, how the trip got started was about 4 …Read more.

Fused Glass

Bullseye Resource Center - Portland

Last time I blogged a little about how my trip to see my son and daughter-in-law was also a ploy to go to the Bullseye factory in Portland and how great the tour of the factory was with Devon. Well I also went into the resource center that …Read more.


Winner of Rampart - Fused Glass Drawing

As those who receive my Newsletter and read my blogs know I participated in the Rampart HS Craft Bazaar this weekend. I had a great time at Rampart.  As always I met some new friends and had many old friends come by for a visit. My old friends and customers who mentioned the newsletter/blog received their …Read more.

flower review

November Book Review - Fused Glass Flowers by Creative Paradise

 Book Review - Fused Glass Flowers by Creative Paradise I love to learn about fused glass whether it is through classes, eBooks, or actual books. I also like trying new products therefore, I thought I would write a few product and book reviews on the various items I have purchased. …Read more.

I love my family

Happy Thanksgiving

 I have so much to be thankful for; I am a mother of two (plus an amazing daughter-in-law); I have a wonderful husband, a huge family, and a passion for fused glass that makes me happy. So Thanksgiving is special to me. I wish you all the very best …Read more.

Fused Glass Pebble Pendants

Did you know ...

This section will be used to answer any questions you may have or to pass on tidbits of information that add value and enhance knowledge regarding fused glass, metals, or jewelry in general. Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to include.

Just like for October’s DYK I wanted to give you more information regarding how glass is fused. So I ask did you know the main ways how glass is fused?

Fused glass (Kilnforming) is glass that has been fired (heat-processed) in a kiln at a range of high temperatures (from 1,099°F to 1,501 F) until they bond.

Kiln is an oven used to heat and fuse glass. There are kilns in practically any size including one that can fit in a microwave.

There are various distinctions for fusing and temperature application that I use in my fused glass artwork. Remember each kiln is different and the temperature ranges listed are just a starting point. Each Kiln should be tested to determine what temperature is best for that kiln

• Full Fuse combines the glass completely together usually to a thickness of 6mm with a smooth surface occurs at 1450-1500°F. When fusing using a full fused is used when you want a smooth, complete, and rounded appearance. When making plates, bowls, and several layers of glass to make jewelry I use a full fuse. In addition, if I want a rounded appearance I use a full fuse. (Tree pendant pictured is a full fuse)

• Contour Fuse is when pieces of glass are fused together into a single level and begin to soften (in-between a full and a tack fuse) and occurs between 1400 to 1425°F (the pink dish is an example of both a contour fused - to get the hearts on and a drape - for the shape)

• Tack Fuse heats the glass enough to melt the components together and still maintain the original shape and a 3D effect. (Temperature range is 1250- 1375°F). I really like to use tack fuse if I want to keep texture in a fused glass piece. (the cross is an example of a tack fuse)

• Fire polishing (also considered tack fusing). Typically, I use a fire polish after I full fuse a piece then coldwork it and want a more defined edge (sharp not rounded). Firing in the middle ranges temperatures 1251–1325°F. (the blue striped was full fused then to get the crisp edge was fire polished)

• Slumping (sagging / bending) is the process of reheating a formed glass blank, until it becomes soft and gradually assumes the shape of the inside of a mold. Firing in the lower ranges temperatures 1180–1251°F is used for slumping. After you fuse glass, it is normal to slump the blank into a mold to make it into a bowl, plate, etc. In fact, it is one of the most common techniques for fused glass. (the stripped dish was slumped)

• Draping is similar to Slumping but it is over a mold (normally stainless steel). (1200–1251°F) (the pink votive was draped)

• Drop is similar to Slumping but it is through a mold with a hole to drop down to the kiln shelf or not all the way down to the kiln shelf. (not pictured)

• Casting (kiln casting) is creating glass sculptures by placing glass (frit) into a mold and taking the shape of the mold. I have and use several molds to create glass sculptures; normally they are small for pendants, earrings, and bracelets. (the blue heart worry stone is an example of a casting)

A mold is a form used for shaping and / or decorating molten glass. Molds are used to give the object its final form by draping (over the mold), drop (through the mold), or slumping (into the mold). Most molds are now made of ceramic, stainless steel, or refractory fiber materials. With molds, the key thing to understand is how a mold expands and contracts. As ceramic mold cool, they shrink less than glass and metal shrinks more than glass when it cools. I love molds and I have several types in every shape and size. Which is why slumping is typically accomplished into a ceramic mold and draping is normally accomplished over a stainless steel mold. Of course there are exceptions like the lamp bender mold is typically ceramic.

NOTE: Both molds and the kiln shelve needs to be either coated with kiln wash (shelf separator) or fiber paper to prevent glass from sticking to the mold or shelf during the firing process.

I hope that this will help you understand some of the words I use in the descriptions of my fused glass artwork.

*The information above is from my experiences, the bullseye website, and Wikipedia.

Keeping my kiln warm





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