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Upcoming Events:

I didn't have any Events in October but I got to spend time with my family including seeing my Son David and my Beautiful and talented daughter-in-law Fay. I'm a very lucky woman. My son is 28 almost 29 but all I see is my little boy, who I love beyond words! 

*Plus I got to make a couple of stops along the way and I'll do some blogs about them later on.

In November I have 3 events.

• November 1st (Sat) - Foxy Moms Expo - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm  Cheyenne Mountain Resort

3225 Broadmoor Valley Rd, Colorado Springs, CO

• November 8th (Sat) - Liberty High School Craft Fair - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

8720 Scarborough Drive | Colorado Springs, CO 80920

• November 22nd (Sat) - Rampart High School Craft Fair - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

 8250 Lexington Drive  |   Colorado Springs, CO 80920

As always, for those who come to visit me at any of my shows and mention my Fused glass newsletter or blogs get a 15% Discount on anything they buy!

Additionally for those who do not receive my newsletter now can sign-up for my monthly fused glass newsletter at any of the shows and enter  my contest to win $25 of FREE fused glass artwork!

Hope to see you soon!!


Fresh From the Kiln:

fresh from the kiln oct

Fresh From the Kiln October - Fused Glass dragonfly trivet

I've been creating several new fused glass decor items for the home but this is the newest. It's a kiln carved rainbow iridized dragonfly trivet.  The trivet frame is cast iron and it's perfect for showcasing my beautiful custom fused glass rainbow dragonfly. It's so lovely it might be better off as …Read more.


October's Blog Highlights: *My blogs are posted NLT each Sunday of the WEEK just check Elegant Fused Glass by Karen.


Fused Glass Halloween artwork

*Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!  I thought I’d show you a few of my fused glass Halloween pieces. I have a couple of Halloween fused glass night lights and several Halloween fused glass pendants. As always I’d be happy to create a custom Halloween fused glass if you would …Read more.


Fused Glass Zodiac Scorpio

"The Scorpion" October 23 - November 22: Every month I’ve been writing a blog about the Western Zodiac symbol for that month. October Zodiac Symbol is Scorpio, which is of course the scorpion. I have various decals with Scorpio symbols and I can put them on anything from fused glass …Read more.

Fused Glass "Opals"

Fused Glass October Birthstones - Opal

 Opal Opal is one of October’s birthstones and also commemorates a 14th wedding anniversary. The name opal derives from the Greek Opallos, meaning "to see a change (of color)." Opals formed at low temperatures from silica-bearing waters and they can occur in fissures and cavities of any rock type, …Read more.

Fused Glass October Birthstone Tourmaline

Fused Glass October Birthstones - Tourmaline

October has two birthstones Tourmaline and Opal. Tourmaline is also recognized as eighth anniversary gemstone. Tourmaline’s name means multi-colored. Tourmaline is also dichroic (just like some fused glass), meaning it can change color when it …Read more.

oct aware

Fused Glass October Awareness Ribbons

Fused Glass October Awareness Ribbons All year I’ve been writing blogs regarding the Awareness causes for each month. For October there are numerous causes and I have fused glass representing the majority including Blue & Yellow for Down Syndrome, Pink for Brest Cancer, Dark Blue for Victim’s Rights, and Teal for Anti-Bullying. All …

Read more.

Fused Glass Coasters

Fused Glass Coasters

Fused Glass Coasters In September I took a class on powder printing. I’ve taken powder printing classes before and I loved them all. Powder printing is just an awesome technique. However, this class was from Devon from Bullseye which is one of the reasons I wanted to take it and the other reason was …Read more.


Custom Fused Glass Door knobs / drawer pulls

Fused Glass Door knobs / drawer pulls Several months ago my sister (and biggest supporter) asked me if I make fused glass door knobs / drawer pulls and I told her I had a couple. Within a month I had another request for fused glass door knobs / drawer pulls. So I made …Read more.

Kiln Crafting

Fused Glass Book Review - Kiln Crafting – Hot Tips for Fusing and Slumping Glass

I love to learn about fused glass whether it is through classes, eBooks, or actual books. I also like trying new products therefore, I thought I would write a few product and book reviews on the …Read more.

Fused Glass Pebble Pendants

Did you know ...

This section will be used to answer any questions you may have or to pass on tidbits of information that add value and enhance knowledge regarding fused glass, metals, or jewelry in general. Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to include.

I’ve talked about fused glass in other blogs and DYK’s but for this one I thought I’d give a refresher on some info and ask do you know the main types of fusible glass i.e., Opalescent, Cathedral, Iridized, and Dichroic. (In the picture the blue is cathedral, the red is opalescent, the blue & green wavy is iridized and the bottom red & design are both dichroic - the purple in the middle is streaky and the green is aventurine)

How glass is made has changed very little since it was first created. Glass is made from sand (65%), sodium carbonate (15%) and limestone (5%). The sodium carbonate and limestone make the glass more durable. An additional ingredient is to add color i.e., metallic oxide (cobalt for blue, chrome for green, manganese for purple, gold for pinks and roses, and erbium (rare) for pale pink). Yes gold and erbium, which is why pink glass is very expensive.

The four main types of glass used in glass fusing:

•           Opalescent glass - glass that you cannot see through

•           Cathedral glass - transparent glass

•           Iridized glass – can be opalescent or cathedral glass that is coated with a metallic coating made of tin. This coating can be one color or a rainbow transition from gold and silver. Additionally there are patterned and textured iridized glasses.

•           Dichroic glass – glass that is coated with thin layers of metallic oxides (e.g., titanium, silicon, and magnesium) in a high temperature vacuum furnace. Dichroic actually stands for two colors. Dichroic reflects one color while it transmits another. The transmitted color is the color you see in a clear piece of glass when you can actually see through the glass. The reflected color is the color you see in a clear or opaque piece of glass when the light bounces off the surface of the glass. To see the reflected color, view the glass at a 45 degree angle for a representation of the color that will result after fusing or hot working the dichroic glass.

It’s not listed as one of the four main types but another one of my favorite types of glass is the streaky glass it’s kind of opalescent and/or cathedral all swirled together – which is why I like it so much. It’s beautiful all on its own. Another of my favorites is aventurine it comes in blue and green and it's got sparkles in it!

When fusing glass the glass must be the same Co-efficient-Of-Expansion (COE). If the glass is not the same COE the pieces will break due to stress. Fractures can appear between the pieces fused together. The COE number is determined by a scientific formula measuring the expansion and contraction of glass during heating and cooling. I have used several kinds of COE including my favorite Bullseye (90), Spectrum (96) and recycled glass.  Also Bullseye has special glass that is just beautiful and I try to pick up when it’s available.

Hope this helps you understand a little more about Fused Glass.

Keeping my Kiln warm,




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