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Fresh From the Kiln:

fresh from kiln august

Fresh From the Kiln - August - Blue Crackle Fused Glass Art Panel

Wow what can I say about this amazing piece. It's a fused glass crackle art panel and it's stunning. I made a stand for it too. In addition, to the crackle I made a fused glass wafer with …Read more.


Upcoming Events:

I will be participating in the Briarfest the 6th and 7th of September so come out have some fun and visit me. There will be rides, food, concerts and of course Arts and Crafts!



In addition, I'll be participating in the Colorado Springs Fall Home Show on Academy and Palmer Park 27-28 September.

So come out an visit me. (I'll even have some passes if you email me I'll send you one!)Click here to add a title or text.

For both shows, as always those that mention my newsletters or my blogs will receive 15% off their entire purchase. If you aren't signed up for my newsletters come on out and sign up and enter my fused glass drawing!

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August's Blog Highlights: *My blogs are posted NLT each Sunday of the WEEK just check Elegant Fused Glass by Karen.

Fused Glass August Birthstone Peridot

Fused Glass August Birthstone Peridot

Fused Glass August Birthstone Peridot. August has two birthstones Peridot and Sardonyx. Peridot is also recognized as the gemstone for the 16th wedding anniversaries. This first blog is regarding my fused glass Peridot. For the fused glass birthstone version of Augusts’ “Peridot” I used various shades of green frit. According to my research …

Read more.


August fused glass Sardonyx

August fused glass Sardonyx. August’s second birthstone is Sardonyx. This blog is regarding my fused glass Sardonyx. For the fused glass birthstone version of Augusts’ “Sardonyx” I combined, red, brown and white glass together to create the lines. According to my research including American Gem Society, Sardonyx is derived from the Greek 'sard', …Read more.

Fused Glass - August Eye Awareness

Fused Glass - August Eye Awareness

Fused Glass - August Eye Awareness All year I’ve been writing blogs regarding the Awareness causes for each month. As with July, August doesn’t have a whole lot of causes that I can create fused glass for either. However again, I do have some interesting fused glass eye artwork that …Read more.

Fused Glass Zodiac  Virgo

Fused Glass Zodiac Virgo

 Fused Glass Zodiac  Virgo Every month this year I’ve been writing a blog about the Western Zodiac symbol for that month. August’s (August 22 - September 23) Zodiac Symbol is Virgo which is the Virgin. I have various decals with the Virgo symbols and I can put them on anything from pendants to …Read more.

Best Bottle Book Ever – by Boyce Lundstrom

August Book Reviews - Recycled Glass

August's Book Reviews - Recycled Glass Best Bottle Book Ever – by Boyce Lundstrom I love to learn about fused glass whether it is through classes, eBooks, or actual books. I also like trying new products therefore, I thought I would write a few product and book reviews on the various items I …Read more.

Fused Glass

Fused Glass Class - Missouri

So many topics I want to discuss for my Fused Glass blogs and so little time. The first topic I want to talk about is a Fused Glass class I took in July in St Charles Missouri with Lisa Becker. She was nice enough to combine the individual classes I …Read more.

Recycled Fused Glass Bowls

Recycled Fused Glass Bowls

As I mentioned in a recent blog I learned a new way to make fused glass recycled tempered glass bowls. I showed you the one I made in class and here is my bowl I just made. The glass fired at the same firing schedule but you can see  it has a different …Read more.

Fused Glass ANTs

Fused Glass ANTS

I read a book recently and I liked it so much that I bought it and even bought the audio book. It's called "Unleash Power Female Brain" by Dr. Amen. It is a fabulous book and has so many amazing aspects, but the section I really connected with is what's called ANTS which …Read more.

Fused Glass Pebble Pendants

Did you know ...

This section will be used to answer any questions you may have or to pass on tidbits of information that add value and enhance knowledge regarding fused glass, metals, or jewelry in general. Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to include.

Do you know the different Forms of Glass used in Fused Glass (not counting recycled glass)

For fusing purposes art glass is available in various forms. Forms of glass include: sheet glass, frits, confetti, rods, noodles, stringers and billets. I use sheet glass to make anything from jewelry, bowls, plates, etc.

• Sheet glass (the green base in the picture) is relatively flat, up to 30" wide. Sheet glass is typically 3mm or 2mm thick. It can be cut up or pulverized to use to create fused glass art. Typically sheet glass is used for panels, plates, etc. Some sheet glass is beautiful on its own other is relatively plain and can be embellished with other glass whether sheet, frit, etc.

• Frit (The black and grey pieces in the picture) is small, irregularly shaped ground grains of glass. It comes in powder, fine, medium and coarse sizes (range from around 6mm to powders). I like and use all the forms of Frit. It can be used for casting, tapestry, or frit painting, etc. Frit is made from sheet glass so it is the same COE and colors. I use frit for numerous fused glass techniques including frit painting, bowls, jewelry, etc.

• Confetti (the thin pieces on the top left of the glass) is slices of glass that are slightly thicker than a sheet of paper. Typically confetti is added to other glass projects.

• Glass rods, noodles, and stringers (centered in the picture in order) are all very similar just different sizes.

• Glass Rods are pulled from re-melted sheet glass. Rod is sold in lengths of approximately 18 inches, round cylinders of glass, about 4-5mm in diameter. Rods are used to create line work fused or torch worked projects. I bought some glass rods the other day and I am actually going to make a plate soon so we will see how that works out.

• Glass Stringers measure approximately 1 mm to 3 mm around and are approximately 17 1/2" long. Stringers are threads of glass, which have been pulled from remelted fusible sheet glass. Stringers are straight glass that can be bent into any shape with the heat of a candle flame. Great for detail work, outlines, and bead making. I have actually bent stringers with candles it is actually pretty fun.

• Glass Noodles measure about 1.5 mm thick and are 5 mm wide (flat like fettuccini).

• Glass Billets (not pictured) are solid blocks of glass similar to a brick shape. Each billet is approximately 5" x 10" x 3/4" and weighs about 3.5 lb. I have never used billets; they are typically for larger casting projects.

No matter what form glass is in even a glass bottle it can be melted down. Some glass is not meant to fused together however most glass can be fused to itself.

Another advantage I want point out is if you have bought a fused glass bowl or dish and you break the dish, it can be refused. The dish is not normally fused in the same manner but can be refused in to a new dish. 

Next month I'll talk a little more about fusing glass.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Keeping my kiln warm.



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