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Fresh From the Kiln:

I love fused glass and I have been creating fused glass for several years now. Out of all mediums I have used in my life, glass is one of the most versatile. One fused glass item I have not made until recently is fused glass clocks. Of course, once I created one I went crazy. Not only are Fused Glass clocks beautiful and unique they are functional art. They can also be custom made to fit the décor of your home. There are actually 2 fresh from the kiln.

Can you guess which two?

For more info read the blog Fresh from the Kiln.

Upcoming Events:

I'm in 3 local locations (including the Chapel Hills Mall!)! Check out my Elegant Fused Elegance by Karen site for updates. I am working on a video blog for each location! 

Follow-up, I never heard from the Palmer Winner (after several attempts to contact her). So I thought to make it fair and  I would conduct another drawing. Using the http://www.random.org/integers (as pictured in the blog winner was #11). The winner is… Shirley F. *I've sent Shirley an email as well. Congrats Shirley!!

February's Blog Highlights: *My blogs are posted NLT each Sunday of the month just check Elegant Fused Glass by Karen.

Elegant Fused Glass by Karen

Elegant Fused Glass by Karen - has a new symbol!

Elegant Fused Glass by Karen has a new Symbol created by my wonderful and talented daughter-in-law Fay. Read online.

Fused Glass Faux Amethyst

Fused Glass - Amethyst Birthstone

February's birthstone is the Amethyst. Amethyst is also the sixth year anniversary gemstone of marriage. Read online.

Red Ribbon Fused Glass Pendants

Fused Glass – February’s Awareness Ribbons

Red Ribbon Fused Glass Pendants. February is mainly the awareness month for Heart Disease and Eating Disorders. Read online.

Valentine's Day Fused Glass

What is Valentine's Day based on?   Available Valentine's Day Fused Glass Pendants... Read online.

Available Fused Glass -  Zodiac Pisces Pendants

Fused Glass - Zodiac Pisces

Available Fused Glass - Zodiac Pisces Pendants.  Read online.

Fused Glass Book Review

Fused Glass Book Review - Contemporary Fused Glass

 I love to learn about fused glass whether it is through classes (see August ...Read online.

Various Religious Fused Glass Pendants

Fused Glass Religious Pendants (cross, Hamsa, Star of David, Luther's Rose, etc.)

I have a myriad of fused glass religious pendants, etc., and a little background of the different symbols. Read online.

Did you know ...

This section will be used to answer any questions you may have or to pass on tidbits of information that add value and enhance knowledge regarding fused glass, metals, or jewelry in general. Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to include.

DYK – February MOH scale

In my Fused Glass Faux Gemstone blogs I discuss the hardness of the gemstones so I thought I would do a DYK about how the hardness of gemstones is determined.

Mohs' scale of mineral hardness was created by the German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs in 1822 to measure the relative hardness or scratch resistance of various minerals. He based it on ten readily available minerals. As it is an ordinal scale, you have to compare two minerals to decide which is harder. The scale is neither linear nor logarithmic. For example, corundum is twice as hard as topaz, but diamond is almost four times as hard as corundum.

The hardness of a material is measured against the scale by finding the hardest material that that the given material can scratch, or the softest material that can scratch the given material.

To give some examples from everyday life:
a fingernail has a hardness of 2;
a copper penny is 3;
a knife blade is 5;
window glass is 5.5; * This is before fusing
and a steel file is 6.5.

Therefore, I am sure you are wondering well how fused glass stacks up on the Mohs’ scale. I searched the internet and did not really find any information regarding fused glass and the Mohs’ scale. To grind, file, sand fused glass we typically use diamond coated tools (silicon carbide can also be used) i.e., drill / grinder bits, hand pads, files, etc. Therefore, I decided to test with a steel file. What were the results?  Not a scratch! So it's pretty tough!

Let me know if you have any questions. *The original Mohs scale chart etc came from Wikipedia.


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