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Fresh From the Kiln:

My Fused Glass Fresh From The Kiln for January is a lovely platter with dark purple flowers on a blue background.  The technique is called crackle. The reasons why I picked this fused glass platter for this month Fresh From the Kiln is one, I love this technique it’s one of my favorites, it is very organic and the texture is incredible.  If you have never seen fused glass crackle technique you are missing out.

For more info read the blog Fresh from the Kiln.

Upcoming Events:

Valentine's Day Sale!

  • I've been updating my site: Elegant Fused Elegance by Karen and it won't be much longer that I'll have my new brand up and new items on my site. Keep checking back it's going to be awesome!!

Follow-up, I never heard from the Palmer Winner (after several attempts to contact her). So I thought to make it fair and  I would conduct another drawing. Using the http://www.random.org/integers (as pictured in the blog winner was #11). The winner is… Shirley F. *I've sent Shirley an email as well. Congrats Shirley!!

January's Blog Highlights:


New Year's Resolutions - For my Fused Glass

2013 was a crazy year for me and as those of you may know my Fused Glass sites: Fused Elegance Glass, Elegant Fused Glass by Karen, ArtFire, and ... Read online.

Fused Glass version of Garnet Birthstone

Fused Glass - Garnet Birthstone

Fused Glass version of Garnet Birthstone. Each months birthstone starting with January’s birthstone will be listed in  the first blog of the applicable month. I will also list each birthstone, its background, and its metaphysical properties. Read online.

Ribbon - Pink

Fused Glass - January's Awareness Ribbons

January is the month for the following causes. I have a white iridized pendant (keychain, etc) with a beautiful green ribbon  in the kiln. I've ordered a mold to make both the Lt Blue and Pink Ribbon (and any other ribbon). Read online.

Aquarius Fused Glass Pendant Can be changed into a Key Chain

Fused Glass - Zodiac (Aquarius)

Aquarius Fused Glass Pendant Can be changed into a Key Chain... Read online.

Book Review - Destination Innovation

Fused Glass - Book Reviews

Destination Innovation and Fireworks ...Read online.

The Year of the Horse 2014 - In Fused Glass

 Chinese Astrology so a few of you may know 2014 is Year of the Horse. Read online.

Fused Glass Valentine's Day SALE

Fused Glass sale is for all of my sites. If you find fused glass pendants, bracelets, rings, etc on more than one site let me know and I can combine your order including shipping on the fused glass site (that's mine) you prefer. Read online.

Fused Glass - Fresh from the Kiln, January

Fresh from the Kiln - January | Elegant Fused Glass by Karen

For those of you who receive my fused glass newsletters you know that I have a section each month called Fresh From the Kiln. In the past I have not posted a blog about my Fresh From the Kiln pieces. Read online.

Did you know ...

This section will be used to answer any questions you may have or to pass on tidbits of information that add value and enhance knowledge regarding fused glass, metals, or jewelry in general. Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to include.

Are shapes for Gemstones and Fused Glass similar?

Before I started handcrafting Fused Glass jewelry  I loved gemstones especially Jasper. In fact, I went to the Denver Gem Show with the fabulous Lexi Erickson and learned more about gemstones that I ever knew. That is one of the reasons I love creating fused glass similar to gemstones (see birthstone article).

When I first learned to create fused glass, I did not cold-work my pieces in other words they were all square or rectangle. Then when I started cold-working, the difference is incredible (I still like my rectangles and squares too!).

Cold-work in fused glass is how you change glass after it is fired. I have two saws (tile and ring), two grinders (flat and normal), drill press, a flex shaft and a sandblaster all of which I use to cut, grind, sandblast my fused glass.

For both gem and fused glass, the saw blade used for cutting is typically a thin circular blade usually composed of steel, copper, etc., the outer edge is impregnated with diamond grit. The grinder also has a diamond coated bit or silicon carbide (for fused glass I use diamond coated). With both a grinder and a saw I use a constant supply of water. I also use various grits of silicon carbide for cold-working and for sandblasting.

In the gemstone world, the term is lapidary, which covers many techniques used to modify raw gemstones to a more attractive stone. A person known as a lapidary performs the shaping, engraving, faceting, and polishing of stones.

Gemstones in their natural form are often rough and unattractive therefore, they are polished and cut to bring out the beauty of the stone. 

Fused Glass is similar to gemstones in that fused glass can be cut to enhance the piece. Therefore, I thought I would go over some shapes and cuts used for gemstones and let you know I can cut fused glass in to various shapes as well.

Cut – Whether fused glass or gemstone the cut is to enhance the gemstone (sparkle and color) or fused glass through shape. Gemstones are cut both as cabochon or faceted. Fused glass is typically cut in cabochon form however; there are some that are faceted. 

Cabochon cut is one of the most ancient methods of cutting gemstones. A cabochon is rounded on the top and flat on the bottom. The traditional cabochon is an oval but can also be fashioned into other shapes including triangles, rectangles, and round. The majority is of fused glass is cut as a cabochon. However, some of my fused glass pendants are not rounded on top and the texture is retained to add depth and interest.

Faceted Cut is normally used with transparent colored gemstones. Each cut is called a facet. Thus, the term multi-faceted originates as a gem term describing complex cuts of gemstones that can show more than one face or facet. The two main types of facet are namely brilliant cut facets, where each facet is a triangle or a kite shape, or step cut facets where the facets are cut parallel to each other.

Although I have transparent fused glass pendants and have some that are very flat on top I do not have faceted fused glass jewelry at this time.

Cut Gemstone Shapes The most common modern cut gemstone shapes are pictured above.

For fused glass, I use the majority however name them a little differently; square vs. princess, triangle vs. trillion, rectangle vs. emerald-cut, teardrop vs. pear, and pea pod vs. marquise. Additionally, one of my favorite cuts is the shield, which symbolizes “to protect or defend with or as if with a shield; guard”.

If you have any questions about a cut of the fused glass or would like a customized fused glass piece please let me know.

Information provided is from various sites from the gem sites on internet.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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