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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!  Thank you for your support of my Fused Glass Artwork.

Trip to Ottawa, Canada

Trip to Ottawa, Canada

I recently took another trip to Ottawa Canada for a business trip. It was freezing, but so pretty. I really love Canada, it's such a wonderful country and amazing people. Here are just a few pictures from my trip. I just love the canals and the architecture. If you get a chance to go to Canada, Ottawa is a beautiful …Read more.

Winner of Doherty Craft Fair

Winner of Doherty Craft Fair

The Winner of the Doherty Craft Fair, is Bernadette. I’ve emailed Bernadette and hopefully she will contact me soon. Below are pictures of my booth at the Doherty Craft Fair. See my baby? I actually wasn't there Saturday until 3pm but Dan and Sky did a great job. Then Sky and I worked Sunday. It was my last show of …Read more.

Repair Fused Glass Jewelry

Repair Fused Glass Jewelry

When creating glass jewelry most of the time it's made by gluing a fused glass cabochon to a base. Sometime after a lot of wear the glue can fail and the glass will come off. One of my long time customers brought in a couple of her fused glass pieces and asked me to fix them. On the three pieces …Read more.

What to do with a Broken Bracelet?

What to do with a Broken Bracelet?

During the Doherty craft fair one of my favorite customers asked me if I could do something with a glass bracelet that she broke. It was a beautiful purple dicrohic glass bracelet. Below are the broken pieces. I wasn't sure what COE the glass was but I did a test with black COE 90 glass and it worked great. So …

Read more.

How to get rid of Tarnish

How to get rid of Tarnish

Something that you may not know is most metals, except for gold or fine silver, tarnish. Most of the time I use a sunshine cloth to keep my jewelry looking new. It cleans gold, silver, brass, copper, and glass. But I had a couple of really tarnished pieces and didn't want to spend the time so I tried an old …Read more.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

I've taken a few cooking classes this year and this month I took three cooking classes. All the classes were at the French Kitchen in Colorado Springs and Kristi. The first class was a couples class. Dan and I had a blast, we drank wine and made these fantastic shrimp egg rolls. There was so much food. We liked it …Read more.


Did you know ...

This section is used to answer any questions you may have or to pass on tidbits of information that add value and enhance knowledge regarding fused glass, metals, or jewelry in general. Let me know if you have anything you'd like me to include.

Since it's December, I'd like to do a year in review for this month's "did you know".  It's been a great year for me and I'd like to acknowledge it. There are areas in my life that are important that I'd like to cover, they are: my family, glass, self, and work.

Red Fused Glass Pendants

My family is very important. I spent a lot of quality time with my husband this year. We went Snowmobiling, ATVing, Rafting, Biking, Cooking, and so many other activities. The more time I spend with him the more I'm reminded of how much I love him.

My daughter and I spent some time together as well. We went to Ottawa and had a wonderful time. It's difficult now that she is in college to spend time with her.

I also got to see my granddaughter and my son twice this year. I so love seeing my son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter.

I also got to see my mom and 4 of my sisters and 2 of my brothers. I so love seeing my family, I don't get to see them very often.

Me and my baby brother!

I got to meet some cousins I've never met before and see other cousins I haven't seen in over 40 years! It was so cool meeting all of these amazing people.

Then we visited my in-laws. I so enjoy going to the western slope visiting them. I'm a small town girl and I really like Delta.

Green Fused Glass Pendants

As far as Glass, I've had a wonderful year. I've taken 5 glass classes.

My first was a glass mosaic class with Cathy.

I took a flameworking class while I was in Breckenridge. So much fun!

I took a class with Tonya. I just love this technique, I especially love the bear. I just need to make another one.

Then I took a class with Miriam. She just blew my mind. I so enjoyed this class. I can't wait to try it again.

Lastly I took a class with Laurie. I just love her and my beautiful flower. I just love the iridized glass.

Elegant Fused Glass

I also finally did some youtube videos of my glass. This was a big thing for me. I've been talking about it forever, but finally did it. *Thanks Mel.

I've also enjoyed trying new techniques, molds, and so much more. I so love glass!

I've also had 5 great craft shows.  I met some talented artists, spent time with my husband, was shown how great my friends are, met some wonderful new friends, and saw some old friends too.

As I mentioned in my work section, I saw some amazing glass while I was in London. I also saw fantastic glass while I was in Prague.

White Fused Glass Pendants

This is kind of a personal area - I call it self.

I love listening to audio-books and taking courses to improve my knowledge. Well this year I found two women that inspired me to take some action on improving myself.

First was Marie Kondo's books the life-changing magic of tidying up".  Actually I was introduced to Marie's books by my daughter. I've always struggled with my stuff. 

I didn't have a lot growing up so I've collect things from all over the world and associated emotions to every item. This book helped me look at my things differently.  I listened to her this book twice I liked it so much.

I also liked Marie's book "spark joy".  It was really interesting going through my clothes, books, and paper. I'm not perfect at it but I've done a decent job on my things.

In case you were curious I donated over 20 bags of clothes, 10 boxes of books, shredded over 10 boxes of paper, and gave my family 24 boxes of my collectables (yes I asked them first). It was a blast sharing things that I've loved for so many years.

Sadly, I'm still working on my studio i.e., glass. I just really struggle getting rid of my glass supplies.  Clearly I'm still a work in progress, but I do highly recommend Marie's books. 


The next woman that has truly inspired me is Mel Robbins. I found a ted-talk of hers and felt an instant connection. I listened to her first two books, signed up for her Instagram, and YouTube channel. She is amazing and I just love how she is so honest and doesn't hold back.

This book hit me so hard, I cried and every time I think about what I learned in this book it makes me cry. I had no idea what my biggest fear was (other than having something happen to my children), what an important revolution!

Of course I loved "the 5 second rule", I use it everyday. In fact, we were driving over a mountain pass over Thanksgiving and I was petrified. So petrified I couldn't open my eyes (no I wasn't driving).

Finally, I went 54321 - picked my anchor thought and opened my freaking eyes. What a view!


I'm listening to this book now. I just can't seem to get enough of her. I'm always like, crap that was powerful. I'm not there yet, I've struggled with self critique and insecurities all my life, but like Mel says it's not an event it's a journey. Hopefully, I'll get to the point where I'm not beating myself up with my every thought.

One other area I'm trying to improve myself is cooking. I've never really enjoyed cooking, but as you know I've taken several cooking classes this year. I really enjoy them and as I mentioned in the family section, I'm sharing my experiences with my family. It's nice to show myself is I can cook when I chose too.

Blue Fused Glass Pendants

I don't give a lot of specifics about my work. But I do have a great job. I like the people I work with and I love our mission. One of the things I love about my job is that I get to travel.  This year I went to several places for business and on some of the trips I got to do spend some time having fun too. Yes I'm very blessed to have a job that brings me professional purpose.

One of the first places I went was London. I love London and I was able to do a bit of sightseeing and I got to see some amazing glass art as well.

Obviously I went to Alabama 3 different times. I enjoyed going to Montgomery again it's so great working with intelligent and talented people. Plus one of the highlights was when I visited Tuskegee, it was amazing - talking about intelligent and talented people. I highly recommend it.

I also went to Germany and even though I worked long hours I still enjoyed my trip. This is the view from my room.

Of course on that trip I went to Prague and went to a glass factory. What a blast I had. I so enjoy traveling and when I travel and see glass I love it even more! BTW I just love St Charles Bridge.

And of course I can't leave out Ottawa. I got to go to Ottawa twice. First in June with my daughter and as I mentioned in the blog above I went this month too. In case there is any doubt I'd prefer Canada in June!


I hope you don't mind me doing my year in review. I have had a blast this year and I've loved sharing all my adventures with you!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!


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