2nd Amendment

You know one of my favorite things about Art, including fused glass, is it can represent a cause that you believe in. I created a sconce for my mom, I created a gift for my nephew’s retirement, and I made the pendants and magnets for “I Believe in You”, etc. Now I’ve created small fused glass dishes with screen-prints to reflect my views on the 2nd Amendment. As an Air Force Veteran, I swore to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I support the constitution especially the 1st and 2nd amendment, here are just a few pieces I’ve created showing my views on the 2nd amendment.

I really like this fused glass dish, it can be a dish or put in a stand or I can even add a hanger so it can hang on it’s own.

I also made some fused glass dishes that, to me, represents the first amendment and freedom of speech. Ironically, my husband has the “my rights don’t end…” on a t-shirt.

I really like this beautiful fused glass dish, it’s very elegant. It’s a bit bigger than the other dishes, but it’s not huge. The screen printing was perfect.

I also made us a nightlight – maybe I’ll put it on our front porch!

I’m not sure which ones I’ll keep for myself, I love them all.

Please understand, I don’t have issues with background checks and other safeguards. We need to be safe with guns. We also need to do more about the mental illness in America. However, we are Americans and it’s a right we can’t let be taken away. After all, if we loose our rights as American what are we? I feel we need to stand up for what we believe in, after all as the saying goes, “you’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything”.

God Bless America!!

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