20 Different Fused Glass Pendants

Ok I’ve finally done it. I’ve added 20 different Fused Glass Pendants to my Elegant Fused Glass by Karen website. All of these Fused glass pendants are unique and handcrafted by me in my Colorado Springs home studio! So check them out, remember the camera doesn’t do fused glass justice. Dichroic glass is beautiful and has such depth and photography does not pick up that depth. I hope check them out and let me know what you think.

Fused Glass Pendant – Hand etched dichroic Tree














This is just one of the pictures I added to my Elegant Fused Glass by Karen site. I’m also going to add poker guards, night lights, necklaces and much more so keep an eye on my Elegant Fused Glass by Karen Site!

Keeping my Kiln warm.


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