Fused glass memories

Fused glass memories

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In July I did a blog about these fused glass pictures I did for a fabulous friend of mine and her elementary school class.  After I gave them to her she asked me if I could make some fused glass night lights and magnets with colored pictures. I went a little crazy.

I made two fused glass night lights with color pictures and a fused glass magnet. As I mentioned the pictures are made with colored decals. The are baked on so if they are something that would take a bit of wear and tear (i.e., Pendant) I’d seal them as well as baking them on. Since these won’t see too much activity I think baking is fine.






I liked her night lights and magnets so much I made some for me of my beautiful daughter.






Isn’t she lovely, I can’t believe she’s 17!

I really like these decals they are pretty good even though they are baked on. What I like the most is they look good against the color the white will show through but the color portion blocks the color underneath. The other color decals I’ve used only work on white or french vanilla.

I also made some sepia pieces for her, which will be in my next blog.

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